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Our friend Chris is doing his PhD in Aerospace Engineering and was curious what would happen to Star Destroyer traveling at 6 times the speed of sound. The video below visualizes the flow around the destroyer and allows you to see the shock waves generated by the model.


If you're interested to know more, you can check out more of his papers here



Thingiverse model of Star Destroyer: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:12572

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I would like to introduce a game I am working on for learning Japanese.

This week was mostly spent getting into the intricacies of the awesome Dialogue System from Pixel Crushers – a complete RPG-system plug in for Unity3D. I’ve mainly been spending my time becoming more familiar with the Dialogue System plugin, and have now added the ability to have quests.

The story is slowly progressing as I become quicker at writing the dialogue scripts that control the character actions, although all the text is still placeholder at the moment.

Even though I might only get a couple of hours a week to work on this, I feel like things are progressing quickly. Now that I have much of the Dialogue System learnt the next step is to fix up the database that handles the translation of the Japanese text.

(A video of the dialog system is shown here)

Hopefully next week’s post will show a few minutes of actual game play.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, that is a samurai sword sticking out of the ceiling.

(Check out some game play and sweet sweet dancing)

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This is a how to guide for turning a piece of exercise equipment into an awesome controller for your PC or games console.

What you will need

  • 1x Arduino Micro (Or any micro controller that can look like a keyboard)
  • 2x laser diodes (We recommend these)
  • 2x photodiodes or photo resistors (We used these)
  • A drill (To drill holes for the laser to go through)
  • A hot glue gun (To stick everything in place - you can use whatever you like)
  • Wire for connecting things
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After a busy month of work we are happy to present parts 2 and 3 of our SLAM tutorial using the robot operating system.

If you missed our last update the idea is using a VICON camera system and onboard cameras, we will create a 3D point cloud and map out an environment using SLAM algorithms.

Part 2 goes into detail about setting up a windows machine to push vicon data to a drone. In part 3 we set up the drone to receive that data which will allow the drone to do a position hold.

Part 4 is coming and will focus on setting way points and allowing the drone to follow preset paths indoors.

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Introducing the beginning of a new series we are launching where we take you through the robot operating system and how to use it to get a drone (or other robot) flying indoors. Using a VICON camera system and onboard cameras, we will create a 3D point cloud and map out the environment using SLAM algorithms.

Part 1 presented here attempts to clarify any confusing beginners might have after reading the ROS tutorials before we get into the real meat of the series in part 2, installing and configuring a provided VICON package. Stay tuned for a dedicated section to the website with a comprehensive visual guide and extra information to go with this video series.

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Welcome to our new reworked website. We decided to simplify the design and make it more intuitive to navigate.

This is the last build update from the old site.


Due to the feedback we have received on the previous versions all our efforts have been in a complete redesign of the physics and collision engine.

The new engine we are using is Unity. Unity has given us access to many powerful techniques and tools but has required us to remake a bunch of our existing systems.

So on the front end not much to show but we are nearly at a build we are happy to release showing off the new engine.

We have also been slowly chipping away at a sprite sheet to replace the stock assets we are using at the moment.

Exam time here, so pretty busy but when it comes expect the next update to be pretty huge.

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